R200 000
  • You will be acknowledged as a sponsor on our website and we will place your logo on our website.

  • You will get branding and advertising on our social media pages like Facebook and Twitter

  • Your logo will appear in the end credits.

  • Your logo and/or name will feature during the TV show through a direct camera angle on your  product and/or your logo.

  • The TV series will feature your logo in each and every episode.

  • You will be thanked and acknowledged in press releases sent out by Cooking with Funi to various media publications

  • You can make use of Cooking with Funi whenever you choose, subject to availability at a reduced day rate. You are welcome to book him to come and present or make use of him to promote your product at any time for a period of 6 months. You must book him in advance.


R50 000
  • You will receive all the benefits of a gold sponsor.

  • Your logo will feature in the opening sequence.

  • Your brand will be referenced in every one of our media outlets, interviews, functions etc.

  • In addition your logo and name will appear in Cooking With Funi for the entire session, particularly as branding on Funi’s apparel, which will maximise TV air time value.

  • Your brand will be scripted into an episode of the show, and Funi will specifically reference you, your items, or what ever you would prefer, subject to episode themes