Lufuno has a passion for cooking. He knows that using wholesome ingredients wherever possible is the healthiest and more economical way to prepare food. Lufuno has a Masters’ degree in Food Service Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Education Management from the Vaal University of Technology. The formal university degree streams (and their respective strong theoretical and practical bases – that of teaching and hospitality) supplemented to this current passion.


Lufuno believes that when you have a dream, you have to firmly believe in it, work tirelessly to achieve it, and persevere in order to make it a reality. With this philosophy in mind, he sought sponsors that might support him in the great task he has set for himself.


Lufuno points out, “Thanks to the imagination and the magic of my friends and family, who are my inspiration from the very beginning of this project, I go forth in my effort to make this dream a reality. I consider this a God-given opportunity and I hope it will take me to the next level. My main aim is to transform our relationship with food and to assist South Africans toward a healthy eating lifestyle.”

Lufuno Sinthumule

Lufuno Sinthumule

Head Chef

Founder & CEO of Cooking with Funi